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School Events

So the big dance is coming up and it’s your job to find a DJ to make it great. What matters to you? Great sound? A light show? At Epicenter we don’t approach it as just a dance. We want to make it an event to be remembered. Whether it’s the senior prom or an after ballgame mixer we want to bring you a show to get excited about.

Students these days don’t just want some music to dance to. They want the newest music straight off the charts, dazzling light shows, heart pounding bass, and DJs that will keep everyone pumped all night. So we give them what they want. We get our music straight from the same place many radio stations do while it is still burning up the airwaves and long before it comes out on store shelves. We bring a light show to every event, but not just any light show. We turn your event from a dance into a mobile club with the latest in club style intelligent lighting, haze, and strobes.

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