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Trying to pick the right wedding DJ for your reception? Well this should be easy because all DJs are the same and just play the music, right? Our utmost goal on your special day is to insure that you enjoy it to it’s fullest.


A DJ and So Much More


“You’re just a disc jockey, right?” We actually serve as a lighting and sound technician, master of ceremonies, event coordinator, music programmer, announcer, and event planner. Your wedding DJ will work with you from the planning stages to the last dance of your reception based on your specific details. *

We want you to sit back, relax and rest in the assurance that we are going to do all that we can to make sure your reception runs as smooth as possible. To demonstrate that idea let us take a look at an Epicenter reception.


First of all we start with the initial call where you inquire about our services and availability. “Yes, we are available on your day! It will be a pleasure working with you!”

We know that the DJ is not the only part that you are trying to plan for your reception. We make ourselves available to you as much as you need up until your day. We will have as many meetings to talk about your special needs, whether it’s over the phone, via email, at a restaurant, or in the comfort of your own home.


Need some ideas? We can help there too. We discuss such things as:

    • Entrances

    • Toasts

    • Formal Dances (Bride & Groom, Father/Daughter, etc.)

    • General song requests

    • Anything else you feel is important to the success to your day


So the day has finally arrived. The vows have been exchanged, you are now man and wife, and you are off to your reception. Our emcee meets you at the door and gets you and your wedding party ready for your introduction. Once inside we smoothly and seamlessly move from toasts, to the blessing, and finally the meal. We know that by now you’ve had a long day and are hungry so we quietly put on some soothing background music while you enjoy your meal. After that it’s on to the other events like the garter toss, cake cutting, and formal dances. Finally, we open up the dance floor and get the party started! Your only job on this day is to have fun and make the memories that will last a lifetime.


One thing that separates us from other DJs is communication and service. By this we mean that we will not just sign a contract and show up on the assigned day. We will contact you several times throughout the planning process just to see how things are going and if we can be of any assistance at all. Also, the day of your reception we stay in constant communication with the caterers, photographer, videographer, etc. to keep everybody on the same page and let them know when and where each event is taking place so we can work as one team for you. This is the Epicenter difference.


So is peace of mind something you want on your wedding day? Then let us know how we can do that for you. To inquire as to our availability on your day or just for any questions you might have, feel free to email us or call us anytime at 765-491-0378. We can’t wait to hear from you!


*(portions contributed by Chris Wagner)

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